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Advanced Aesthetics Clinic

We offer a full portfolio of advanced Antiwrinkle/Botox treatments. These include frown, forehead, eyes, brow lift, bunny lines, coble chin, gummy smile, jaw lift/teeth grinding, lip flip/smokers lines, marionette lines, neck, nose tip lift and underarm sweating.

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You can send me a message via Whatsapp/Messenger or visit our online booking system which allows you access to all available appointments, book at your convenience.

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A free consultation is available to book for all clients and is encouraged. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your Antiwrinkle/Botox requirements and receive your recommended treatment plan.

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The clinic setting provides a completely private experience to all clients, no waiting room, no client crossover and client confidentiality is guaranteed.

Indulgentia offer a fantastic range of treatments to suit all, continually looking for the newest, most popular and effective treatments to meet client expectation.

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Advanced Aesthetics
Clinic Bourne.

In addition to advanced Antiwrinkle/Botox Indulgentia also offers a wide range of alternative treatments. These can be viewed on our pricelist. If you have any questions relating to any treatment please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Lip filler
Naso and Vitamin B12 Injections

Antiwrinkle/Botox Before & After Photos

All photos displayed are given with client consent. Indulgentia will always protect client confidentiality.

Our Advanced Aesthetics Clinic

Located in Bourne, Lincolnshire Indulgentia offers clients parking and complete privacy when attending an appointment.

Every effort is made to avoid client crossover to support our privacy policy.

Completely private experience to all clients, no waiting room, no client crossover!

Our clinic has been created to provide clients a comfortable and relaxed environment. We apply the highest standards of hygiene, client care, knowledge and expertise. We always provide an aftercare service post treatments to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the Indulgentia experience.

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